The Best Hair Raw/Virgin Hair Russian,
Brazilian, Indian Remy and Malaysian Hair

Grown for generations by the same families specifically to be cut and sold.Hair of this type has never been chemically treated in any way and as such is much better suited to coloring and perming if necessary.

Since the hair is real (100% Human Hair) it can be styled just like your own hair. Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and round brushes can all be safely used. The correct shampoos and styling products should only be used.

What's The Difference Between Good Hair and Bad Hair?
Hair comes in many qualities and other than the method of application, the quality of your hair extension is mainly determined by the type of hair you choose.

Good Hair - European Hair
This type of hair comes from Southern Italy and Spain. It tends to be naturally straight, some naturally wavy. European Hair is often used for Extensions. This type of hair is very durable and looks good and it will last up to a year if properly cared for.

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